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What We Do...

Rocky Search and Rescue, as with most other Search and Rescue Groups, utilizes a variety of resources and skills to accomplish our goals...

Mountain Rescue

Our Mountain Rescue Team is a dedicated group of highly trained individuals who are fully accredited with the Mountain Rescue Association...

About Us

Our group accepts membership of physically fit men and women who are at least 18 years of age and who have experience and skills in the outdoors...

About Us

Rocky Mountain House Search & Rescue was formed in 1991. The need for such an organization in the community was realized after a young, 23 month old boy went missing when he wandered away from the group camp at Prairie Creek on the July 1st weekend in 1990. Volunteers included hundreds of members from the community and the British military in conjunction with the RCMP. The boy was found, but had tragically drowned. At only 23 months of age this death touched many people in the community and inspired them to form Rocky Mountain House Volunteer Search & Rescue.

Rocky SAR was the first ground search and rescue team formed in Alberta, and was also one of the founding members of the Search and Rescue Alberta organization.

The first multiday search that team was involved in was for a 13 year old in 1993. The young girl had gone missing while walking her dog. She was camping with her parents at the Ram Falls campground. She was found safe and sound 3 days after the search commenced.

Rocky Mountain House Search and Rescue now has approximately 45 members whose ages range from 18 to 84! On average, Rocky SAR is now called out 25 times a year and operates with a 10 person executive board.

The team is also home to the only civilian Mountain Rescue Association accredited technical Mountain Rescue Team in Canada. The team is required to recertify with the MRA every five years. They meet and practice once a month.

"With our longstanding and dynamic history, we are a continually evolving organization. As a non-profit, volunteer organization we strive to not only serve our community, but also to provide our membership with various educational, practical and social experiences. " Rocky SAR President, Edward VanHeeren.

Through the timeless efforts of countless volunteers and outstanding community support Rocky SAR is now in its 20th year of operation.

Questions, Concerns or Feedback: Email: secretary@rockysar.com