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What We Do...

Rocky Search and Rescue, as with most other Search and Rescue Groups, utilizes a variety of resources and skills to accomplish our goals...

Mountain Rescue

Our Mountain Rescue Team is a dedicated group of highly trained individuals who are fully accredited with the Mountain Rescue Association...

About Us

Our group accepts membership of physically fit men and women who are at least 18 years of age and who have experience and skills in the outdoors...

Adventure Smart

Adventure Smart is a national program designed to inform outdoor enthusiasts, adult and child alike to "Get Informed and go outdoors"

This program was developed with assistance from National Search and Rescue Secretariat, R.C.M.P. and the British Columbia SAR Association, in order to try and reduce the number of search and rescue incidents.

Current Adventure Smart Programs include:
Snow Safety Education Program: This presentation is aimed at children in grades 4 - 6, teaching ski hill safety and signage, and backcountry information including "Out of Bounds" hazards.
Survive Outside Program: This presentation is aimed at people aged 12 - 99. It focuses on Trip Planning adn the Code of Responsibility. Training and tips for safe travel and the 10 essentials.
Hug a Tree and Survive Program: This presentation is aimed at children in grades K - 6. It teaches children how not to become lost in the woods, and what to do if they should become lost.

For more information, or to book a presentation, please contact: adventuresmart@rockysar.com

Questions, Concerns or Feedback: Email: secretary@rockysar.com